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EPC is a one stop shop for engineering, design and fabrication of your next hydrogen system. We design and build containerized hydrogen solutions for a range of applications. We shop-install into shelters and containers, interconnect and test hydrogen compressors, storage, related PLC and power panels, water treatment, cascade control panels, -60F chillers, air compressors and other commercially available components for hydrogen generation, CSD, and fuel cell systems to dramatically reduce field installation time and costs. Containerized systems range from 4x4x6 H2 high pressure storage packages, to 8x8x8 electrolyzer home refuelers, to skid mounted reformers, to 40-foot containers with ammonia production systems included.

Our engineering offices are collocated with our new 30,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming, from which we can easily ship containerized hydrogen systems worldwide.

Typical Projects

  • Hydrogen System Fabrication
  • SOFC, PEM, Alkaline & DM fuel cell installation
  • PEM and alkaline electrolyzer installation
  • Reformer design/construction
  • LDV fueling stations (light duty vehicle; 700 bar): design, construct, operate
  • HDV (heavy duty vehicle; 350 bar), transit, and forklift fueling stations: design, construct, operate
  • FCV Maintenance Bay design & CM
  • Solar/Wind/Hydrogen microgrid evaluations
  • Renewable NH3 modules
  • Forensic, expert witness – hydrogen related failures
  • H2 Laboratory and Maintenance facility design/construct
  • H2 power plant feasibility and design
  • First Responder Training
  • Teaching/hydrogen evangelism

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