Project Portfolio

As an industry leader EPC has designed and or constructed over 120 hydrogen projects throughout various industries.


Representative clients since 2003 include:
Hydrogen Suppliers

Gas/Liquid: Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde/Praxair

Equipment: NEL, Hofer, Verde, Linde, PlugPower

Storage: Steelhead, AST

Retail: FirstElement

Hydrogen Implementers

Material Handling: Walmart, P&G, Farmer’s Market, Kroger, Coca-Cola

Transit Authorities: AC Transit, SARTA, Sunline, DART

State Gov: California Air Quality Districts, Delaware

US Gov: DOE, DOD, FTA, EERE, Forest Service

Energy and Power Providers: SDG&E, SOCAL Gas, Chevron, BP, Xcel, DCPUD

Water: Servern Trent, De Nora

Hydrogen Research

National Laboratories: NREL, EERE, ANL, PNNL, LLNL, SRNL

Universities: Cal State LA, UCLA, Humboldt State, Colorado School of Mines, DU, Montana State

Here are several examples of projects we have completed:


EPC is working with AST by providing design and fabrication services for the H2MAX PODS. See the link for more details on AST’s innovative new product!

CAL STATE LA H2 Fueling Station

EPC provided design, construction, commissioning, and ongoing consulting services

  • 0% renewable hydrogen
  • 350 bar LDV fueling
  • 700 bar public fueling – Certified and Open
  • 100kg per day generated onsite by Hydrogenic electrolyzer
  • 1st station to make the public sale of H2 in the world

AC Transit Emeryville H2 Fueling Station

EPC provided overall project design and construction oversight

  • 100% renewable hydrogen
  • 350 bar fueling for 16 bus fleet, largest in-country
  • 700 bar LDV public access
  • 400kg Total Hydrogen throughput per day
  • 100kg per day generated onsite by Proton OnSite Electrolyzer
  • Only deliver as demand requires about once every two weeks

SCAQMD Diamond Bar Hydrogen Fueling Station

EPC provides infrastructure design, construction, and station operation, and maintenance services

  • 700 bar LDV public fueling – certified and open
  • 100kg/hydrogen per day- not limited. Only by delivery frequency
  • Hydrogen and major equipment supplied by Air Products

NREL Wind to H2 Project

EPC provided design and construction services

Xcel Energy for the Wind2H2 Project.
Short Videos produced by XcelEnergy for the Wind2H2 Project.
This project was entirely designed and constructed by EPC.

Suncor Denver Refinery Hydrogen Steam Reformer

EPC provided construction completion and commissioning services for a 30MM scf Technip reformer.

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