Professional Associations



Other Associations
  • North Rhine Westfalia Hydrogen Association
  • European Hydrogen Association
  • Lewis County Energy Innovation Coalition
  • Ohio Fuel Cell Connection

Since 2003, Representative Clients

Hydrogen Suppliers

• Gas/Liquid: Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde/Praxair
• Equipment: NEL, Hofer, Verde, Linde
• Storage: Steelhead
• Retail: FirstElement, PlugPower

Hydrogen Research

• National Laboratories: NREL, EERE, ANL, PNNL, LLNL, SRNL
• Universities: Cal State LA, UCLA, Humboldt State, Colorado School of Mines, DU, Montana State, UCLA

Hydrogen Implementers

• Power: Xcel, DCPUD
• Material Handling: Walmart, P&G, Farmer’s Market, Kroger, Coca-Cola
• Transit Authorities: ACTA, SARTA, Sunline, DART
• State Gov: Ca Air Quality Districts, Delaware
• US Gov: DOE, DOD, FTA, EERE, Forest Service
• Energy: SDG&E, SOCAL Gas, Chevron, BP
• Water: Servern Trent

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