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EPC completes construction services on another CA. Hydrogen Station
PR Newswire
- Linde North America

Public hydrogen gas station opens in Diamond Bar; more to open in Southern California
- San Gabriel Valley Bulletin

High capacity hydrogen fueling station opens in Diamond Bar
- My News LA

Publicly Accessible Hydrogen Fueling Station Unveiled In Diamond Bar
- Annenberg TV News

Xcel Energy for the Wind2H2 Project.
This project was entirely designed and constructed by EPC.

It's Free, Plentiful and Fickle
The New York Times
- Matthew L. Wald

Clean energy is blowing in the wind
The Denver Post
- Steve Raabe

Fuel Cell Provides Power to Construction Project at NREL
Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation
  First commercial sale of hydrogen by kilogram in CA under DMS approval.

Fuel Cell Conference
Los Angeles, California, USA
November 2014

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